"Surprise.  A novel for fathers whose decisions and wrong turns in life can shoot like arrows through many family generations…unless a father has the raw courage to stop the arrows of evil and protect his family. Eye-opening. Gripping. Mind-burning. This is a riveting story of a father who risks his life and heritage to protect and save his family at the expense of his own life and identity. A must read for all fathers who want to save their family for many generations."
Brad Lopez, Ed.D, Professor Fresno City College

"The Jesus Tree Ornaments is not a book you read and then lay down.  It will cause you to stop and look at life differently.  It will take you to the past; it will help you with your future. It will give you insight into the spiritual battle that surrounds us all, and is ever present in our own personal life, bringing understanding to the scriptures regarding this subject.  I am a thinker, but Garry took me places I never thought about going before.  The Jesus Tree Ornaments will cause you to stop and think, what have I bought into...and why?" 
Barbara Bratvold    

"The Jesus Tree Ornaments is a fast paced, intense story of one man's difficult spiritual journey. The book will force you to re-examine your own faith and the path you are currently on. Great Christmas read.  Inspirational and thought provoking.  I had a hard time putting it down."
Shurene Gomez

"Garry R. Kennedy has created a story that takes the reader on a journey of faith. His characters are representative of real people meeting real challenges of life. This is the perfect book for the man or woman who are sitting on the fence regarding accepting Christ. This story encourages the faithful to let the light of Christ shine through them and live as examples of the Grace of God. Garry gives vivid examples of the evil influences we face every day in our society.  This is a must read for anyone who believes that they can control and run their own life alone. What a blessing to have a talented writer who shares how the challenges of life can be met and evil overcome through faith in our Lord Jesus Christ."  
Janice I. Edwards