The Jesus Tree Ornaments


In the never-ending battle between good and evil, who will triumph?

On a bleak Christmas Eve, Thomas sits in a hospital room with his son, Isaac, who will die without a heart transplant. Thomas’ faith, already severely weakened by years of disbelief and scorn, is at risk of crumbling into nonexistence in the face of this newest trauma.

On a short trip to buy Isaac one last Christmas present, Thomas is thrust into a battle between darkness and light, and his everlasting soul is the prize. After being mistakenly implicated in the murder of a young boy, Thomas goes on the run, and it soon becomes apparent that it isn’t the police who are after him. On a harrowing journey to reclaim his life and his faith, Thomas relives events from the Bible, encounters strange presences both evil and divine, and must ultimately choose whether to embrace or turn his back on God.

In this fast-paced story the mask of evil often makes it difficult to distinguish friend from foe, malevolence from benevolence, and good intentions from bad. Faced with the most difficult decisions of his life, Thomas knows that this is his only chance to bring his life back on track and reassert his faith. With so much on the line, can Thomas do what it takes to renew his relationship with God, thus saving himself and the ones he loves?

A spiritual action-adventure that may make you question what you really believe about Christmas.

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